• Primary Purpose

    The Twelve Steps are positive tools that make our recovery possible. Our primary purpose is to stay clean and to carry the message to the addict who still suffers. We are united by our common problem of addiction.
    Basic Text page 10

  • Missing Pieces

    If we begin to avoid our new
    responsibilities by missing meetings, neglecting Twelfth Step
    work, or not getting involved, our program stops. These are the
    kinds of things that lead to relapse. Basic Text Pg. 79

  • Step Work

    It wasn’t until I began writing on my steps again, getting honest with my sponsor, and sharing in meetings that my thinking began to change. Basic Text Pg. 195

  • In the Shadows

    It would be tragic to write it all down and then shove it in a drawer. These defects grow in the dark, and die in the light of exposure.
    Basic Text Pg. 32

  • Lost dreams awaken

    There is no model of the recovering addict. When the drugs go and the addict works the program, wonderful things happen. Lost dreams awaken and new possibilities arise. Basic Text Pg. 91

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