March 2021 Area Minutes

On March 29, 2021

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MInutes — March 21, 2021
Meeting opened at 4:30 pm by Cristy with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.
Service Prayer = Hannah
Twelve Traditions = Willie
12 Concepts = Terry
Floor opened for 10 minutes of discussion
Andy mentioned moving the area to a bi-monthly meeting on the 3rd Sunday of the month. with
the intent that more people may show up, instead of trying to jungle their summer schedule to
every month. Terry stated that he thought it was a good idea and that we should do pros and cons
in new business. Willie stated that he does not think moving the area meeting would have any
improvement on attendance, if anything it would make people more amp to forget. That he was
in an area that attempted to change when the area met and the only thing that happened was a
different group of people showed up. That it was not feasible to change from a Thursday to a
Roll Call
Chair O Vice Chair P Secretary O RCM P
Alt-RCM O Treasurer P H&I O Public Relations O
Activities A Fellowship
O Literature P Web P
Policy &
Groups Represented
24 Bells Safe Haven
Clean & Free Saturday Night Special
Clean & Serene on Sunday P Saturday Night Survivors
Day by Day Saturday Noon Live
Elevating Vibes Second Chances
Northwest Ohio Area Service Committee N.W.O.A.S.C.N.A.
Freedom Finders Serenity At The Lake
Freedom In Recovery Soaring Free with NA P
How It Works (Van Wert) T-G-P
Learning to Learn Take Back Your Life
Lifeboat The War Is Over
Living Clean and Free Thursday Day Time
Miracles Do Happen Tuesday/Thursday Daytime
Monday Basic Text Tuesday Thursday Noon
Monday Night Miracles Wednesday Night Diehards R
NA Miracles Welcome Home
NA On The Table Without Parallel
New Hope NA Vision of Hope
Phoenix Group ACI/Oakwood
Restoration House Looking for information to start a new meeting
Vice Chair : All is well
RCM : All is well
Treasure : At the beginning of last month at the end of the meeting we had a balance of $55.90
and Soaring free donated $10 and then literature had a income of $222.93 we did not have any
expenses in February at the beginning of this meeting we have a balance of $288.93 Rent will be
paid when Dave can get over to the landlord when they are available.
Literature : We don’t have funds and the literature we have is it took donations from two
months ago 122.93 deposited it into the AREA account $223.83.
Web : We met both online and in person. Two were in attendance. Andy R opened the meeting
and read the open readings. We went over and updated the BMLT, Facebook, and Website with
the new Relationships In Recovery Flyer. We received no calls on the phone line. We got ahold
Northwest Ohio Area Service Committee N.W.O.A.S.C.N.A.
of Quik As A Wink to get schedules printed. Hopefully by next weekend. Discussed getting
groups registered. Looking at moving the schedule page around a bit to make it easier to see the
Area Function and Service Committee Schedule. Also looking at fixing the Literature page. We
recorded the meeting and it is on the website for all to review. Also, discussed the new guidelines
for the website to have Area approve. Also, I need the Regional Phone-line coordinator’s info.
Group Reports
Sunday Clean and Serene All Is Well; we are still on zoom.
Tuesday Soaring Free Terry G Every week 8PM Closed Discussion 5-10 members a week.
Group voted yes to make amends for motion to amend policy area donation.
Wednesday Night Die Hards Terry G Literature meeting but for right now it is an open
discussion no donation averages 5-8 members needs support
Saturday Night Survivors Not Represented but is giving an area donation and now have
candlelight meetings.
Old Business
New area phone line that was discussed in the Web chair report. Questions were asked about how
many people should be on that line and if we can transfer those calls. Motion to review and
rewrite the policies to update Zoom and website responsibilities. Motion will be attached to go
back to groups. Terry seconded the motion.
Motion to review and rewrite the policy and administration guidelines for the website intends to
update zoom and web phone responsibilities motion was filed by Andy 2nd by Terry like to bring
it to the floor for a vote 2-0-0 passed. The New Web Site Guidelines will be attached with the
NEW Business
New Group – Britney Restoration House – to start a new NA Meeting- Looking for information. –
Woman’s meeting In house – Tues @ 7PM – The facility does not want outside members to
attend. – Terry read the 6th tradition on this matter. – Dave mentioned that this would only
operate if the facility was limited to them to not able to attend outside meetings. – Andy acting as
the PR Chair will contact the facility and set up a meeting to see if we can help. Terry suggested
that they attend some outside meetings.
Northwest Ohio Area Service Committee N.W.O.A.S.C.N.A.
Andy Discussed that we will have 300 schedules Willie said that will work. We will have them
soon. And that there is currently a printable meeting schedule on the website @
Point of freedom Opening back up April 2nd 10 pm weather depending. It will be held at the The
Temple Of Tolerance 203 S Wood St Wapakoneta, Ohio
Relationships in recovery/prom night See Attachment
Motion to close Willie 2nd Andy
Close by serenity prayer

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