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Sunday Night Clean and Serene

This is a list of all the meetings that have chosen to hybrid their meetings via zoom. Click on the meeting name and it will automatically redirect you to the meeting. Please only attend these meetings at the schedule time for these meetings. Also, we understand that you are in your private homes, and we ask you that you would please have clothes on just as if you were at a face to face meeting. If we see this we will ask you to put clothes on or turn your camera off. Also note that these are NA meetings and we ask that you conduct your self as you would if you were at a face to face meeting. As in one person sharing at a time and not interrupting. Please insure that your microphone is muted if it is not your turn to talk. Also any background noises or disruptions would be greatly appreciated if it could be kept at a minimal. Thank you!

If you do not know how to install or use zoom please follow the powerpoint included below

Area, WebSite, and Sunday Clean and Serene password is 1953

There is also the war is over and 24 Bells; I do not have there quick links as of yet as soon as I get them I will update the quick links ASAP.



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